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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Environmental and social responsibility has been a major principal at GmbH since we were founded in 2016.
While we make no claim to be perfect, as no one should, environmental impact and ethical treatment of humans and animals is part of all design, development and production processes at GmbH.

Responsible Company Practices

Better Materials

The biggest negative impact on the environment from fashion, happens when we produce fabrics. The first GmbH collections were made entirely from materials that would otherwise go to waste. As the collections have grown, about 90% of our materials now fulfill our Environmental Policy goals of being organic, recycled, upcycled, dead stock and biodegradable. We currently use:
Organic Cotton
Recycled cotton
Viscose from well managed sources
Lyocell from well managed sources
Recycled nylon, polyester and polyamide
Plant based bio-degradable polyamide
Wadding from recycled PET
Research suggests that cotton production alone is responsible for a quarter of all insecticides and herbicides used globally. Replacing conventional cotton with its organic alternative can save 62% of the primary energy demand. For polyester, estimates suggest that substituting one metric ton of virgin polyester with its recyclable counterpart can reduce toxic substances by up to 90%, energy consumption by 60% and emissions by up to 40%.
As of the SS20 collection approximately 95% of our cotton is organic or recycled.
Standards provided by suppliers include Q-NOVA, ECONYL, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, R.E.A.C.H., BLUESIGN, FSC Certification and NORDIC SWAN

Pollution Reduction

90% of our fabrics and garments are produced in Europe, relatively close to our studio in Berlin, which reduces transport significantly
We ship in biodegradable and recycled bags and boxes
We ship carbon neutral through carbon offsetting
Our studio is powered with renewable energy from Greenpeace
We recycle all our studio waste

Animal Welfare

GmbH uses no leather, down, fur, feathers or exotic skins
We use wool, and in the case of merino wool, non-muelsing wool when possible
GmbH only consumes vegetarian and vegan food provided by a local biodynamic farm

We Do Not Tolerate

Child labour
Unethical treatment of humans, animals or land


GmbH is committed to have ongoing assessments of our practices. Each season's collection planning and design meetings should be initiated by assessments of the previous collection's targets, and successes and how to improve this further. It should be a dynamic and constantly evolving and improving process.


We are constantly reviewing how to improve season by season as new technologies, materials and practices become available. Our short term targets as of 01.01.2021 are:
All raw material should fulfill our Environmental Policy goals within 12 months
GmbH should be carbon neutral within 12 months
Create a better traceability system with 12 months
To create a circular system with 3 years

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